What’s really hiding in your baby’s skincare products?

April 26, 2015 by Lisa - No Comments

Chemicals in Baby Products

It has been my concern for sometime that many popular babies products off the supermarket shelves contain a whole lot of chemicals that most of us may not even be aware of. After I had my first son in 2010, I started looking at the ingredients on baby products to make sure the products I used on my bub were organic, natural and gentle. So when shopping I always grabbed the products off the supermarket shelf that had the words “natural” and “organic” plastered all over their branding.  The words organic and natural it seems domestically, are unregulated, so brands can put these words all over their branding even if their products are not and contain nasty chemicals.  The closer I look and the more I learn I am feeling totally annoyed, misled and deceived….what the? How and why is this stuff in our babies products and more so how is such trickery allowed?

Read the small print!

Make sure you read the small print so you can determine exactly what is in your babies products. To choose safe baby skincare make sure you avoid all products that contain petrochemicals, sulphates, parabens, PEGS, fragrances,and generally any words you cannot pronounce or spell. If your still unsure there are apps available to assist you try and determine what’s what – because lets face it – it’s complicated and most of us aren’t scientists. I find it disappointing that some companies aren’t being totally honest and greenwashing their products claiming they are natural and organic yet when the small print is read contain toxic chemicals that are proven to be harmful, cause irritation and are toxic to our babies.  The best way I personally believe to avoid these is to look for certified organic baby products. This way I know they have passed strict regulations and must adhere to and meet Australian certification standards and that for me as a mum gives me peace of mind.

Organic vs Partly Organic

With so much confusion over unregulated terms such as organic and natural,  how can we choose safe products? To help I have found some information that on what is the difference between organic and partly organic products from the National Organic Standard to to try and help with the confusion:

  • 100% organic
  • Organic (which means products have at least 95% of their ingredients derived from organic production methods)
  • Made with organic ingredients (at least 70% of ingredients derived from organic production methods)
  • Products containing less than 70% organic ingredients cannot use the term organic on the display panel, but can make reference to the ingredients being derived from organic production methods in the list of ingredients.

Its complicated as even though some products may not be certified organic they still contain organic ingredients but the cost of certification can impact on small business certifying their product but in saying that some companies claim they are organic but have merely 1 organic ingredient.

Say no to petrochemicals

I want to know the products I use are safe and that I am no longer unknowingly bathing my kids in a bath full of petrochemicals. I personally feel very misled & tricked so it has become my mission and passion to help other mums and their families by providing affordable, organic and safe products. Lets say no to the companies that put these harmful chemicals in our baby products. Fortunately, there are some really great and affordable australian organic skincare brands emerging so you can bath your kids with peace of mind and it won’t break the bank. I love to support Australian business and it’s exciting to see so many beautiful and organic  brands now on the market.

Check your products and say no to petrochemicals and the companies that are putting this nasty and unnecessary stuff in our babies products.

Join the Organic Evolution. Lisa x