Lisa’s Story


I want to share a little of my story with you

In 2010, I became a Mum and this triggered the start of my obsession with researching and reading the labels on all baby products – food, bottles, eating utensils, sippy cups – everything baby! To my dismay many popular baby products contain petrochemicals, BPAs and other nasty chemicals that are not only harsh and harmful to our babies but some are also carcinogenic. So began my journey and from here I began researching my personal skincare, makeup and other beauty products. I found and continue to find the contents of some everyday products nothing short of concerning and I am appalled that so many brands are still testing or associated with animal testing.  Make sure you check your products and if you are unsure you can check out apps now that can assist you and are easy  to use i.e. Cruelty Cutter and the CCF (Choose Cruelty Free) apps. You may be surprised to find that some pretty popular skincare and makeup brands are linked to animal cruelty.

I have also personally found that many companies are now greenwashing their labels tricking us into thinking the products we are choosing are safe for our babies and kids by splashing the words natural and organic all over them but unfortunately this is not always the case. Always read the fine print as the words organic and natural are not regulated  the only words that are truly regulated are “certified organic”. Products that display the words certified organic are regulated and are often safer choices for families as these products  must adhere to strict Australian regulations.

With so much confusion and trickery it has become my mission as a mum of two young boys with sensitive eczema prone skin and asthmatic conditions to find products that are certified organic that assist not harm my kids. Here at the Organic Evolution Store I want to provide you and your families with trustworthy Australian products and become your one stop shop for ultimate health and wellbeing.

So come on this journey and join the Organic Evolution!